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The “Systematic Innovation” initiative was born thanks to the “TRIZ – Systematic Innovation for Lombard SMEs” project which promoted and experimented a structured approach path based on the TRIZ methodology for new product development and technological innovation processes in Italian SMEs, through the realization of real experiences ..

IP EXPERIENCE - Intellectual Property Experiential Program

Project that aims to raise awareness and empower high school students and university students on the strategic value that Intellectual Property Rights bring to their future business and professional activities

THEOREM- youTH intEllectual prOpeRty Education prograM

is a project to promote and raise awareness of Intellectual Property (IP) and its respect in the context of creative and highly technological start-ups.

L2PRO-Learn to Protect, Secure and Maximize your Innovations

It is a mobile-learning platform for training on intellectual property (IP) issues aimed at Italian small and medium-sized enterprises.
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