The Italian Center of Competence gathers the following competencies:

  • Inventive problem solving based on TRIZ-Theory of Inventive Problem Solving to support enterprises on ideas generation process and on product development process more in general;
  • Strategic analysis on Patents to identify technological trends and comparative analysis on patent activities for target players, through advanced text mining tools;
  • Technological Trend Analysis and Forecasting analysis to preliminary assess the maturity level of target technologies, to foresee the technological evolution of target product/process, to compare competitor technologies and to anticipate emerging technologies;
  • Business Intelligence and Market Analysis to collect and analyze strategic information on target industrial sectors in order to support decision making.

Additionally, through Fondazione Politecnico di Milano it is possible to:

  • give support to Companies and Enterprises to identify, retrieve and submit proposals on public funding (Italian and European funding) and on other financial sources;
  • to access to a network of high-level knowledge and competences on technological and scientific issues.

 The Center proposes a pool of services concerning Standard Training Modules and Services and Support Activities, formulated on the basis of long-term practice experience in different industry sectors. The proposed services target small and medium enterprises and big companies, according to standard paths tailored to the different company requests and needs. Also, customized paths could be formulated, starting from the standard services.

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