The Italian Center of Competence promotes tools and techniques able to give methodological support to activities related to new product development and more in general related to technological innovation processes, according to a systematic and structured approach.

Among promoted tools and techniques, the following are the main ones:

TRIZ Theory

Theory of Inventive Problem Solving;

Techniques to forecast technology evolution

to support decisions taking in Research and Development;

Bio-inspired Design

to formulate technical ideas taking inspiration from natural solution strategies;


that is a collaborative approach among different stakeholders in the design and development of new products and services, according to a more proficient way of generating new concepts.

Patent Information

collecting legal, business and technical information;

Value innovation

as an analytical approach to the analysis of the perceived value of products, processes and services by users;

Open Innovation

as a good practice of regular and continuous exchange between universities, technology transfer centers and companies to support technological innovation processes;

In general, the proposed methods have in common the scientific approach to the analysis and resolution of the problems (or tasks) to be addressed, that is according to a codified, repeatable and reasoned path.

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