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Forecasting techniques give information to those who take decisions in the present time on actions and activities to carry out in the future, in order to have more awareness of own decisions and choices.

Technology Forecasting techniques aim to support decision-making in the Industrial Research and Development sector. For example, technology forecasting techniques can support the drive of company strategy, the directions of investments in product or process technologies assisting directors, managers, researchers, and R&D decision takers.

During times, many technologies forecasting techniques were proposed: intuitive methods, experts opinion (Delphi method), quantitative or qualitative methods.

Through technology forecasting techniques is possible to:

  • Make and take decisions about technological matters in a consistent way;
  • Drive R&D investments and industrial research activities;
  • Give a method and quantitative support to personal intuitions;
  • Apply a method able to filter strong personal opinions and analyze without subjectivity or bias.
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