Bio-Inspired Design

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Nature has long been recognized as a source of efficient solutions and strategies adopted by living organisms for survival and biological evolution, and these strategies have proven to be consolidated and refined over thousands of years during the succession of generations.

‘Bio-inspired Design’ is the scientific discipline that sees the application of solution strategies and principles existing in Nature as a source of inspiration for the development of new engineering solutions and technological innovations.

Among the examples of particularly well-known and striking bio-inspired solutions is velcro®, a closing method inspired by the high ability of the hooks of some plants to temporarily attach themselves to fabrics, clothes or other material with fibers / hair.

A partire dalla descrizione biologica della strategia naturale d’interesse, la costruzione di modelli causali capaci di dettagliarne struttura, comportamenti e dinamiche di funzionamento supporta la generazione sistematica di concept per la risoluzione di problemi in ambito tecnico

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