Established in 2008, CEPIUG is the Confederacy of European Patent Information User Groups and its aim is to promote cooperation and to share competences and experiences among the Patent Information User Groups in Europe. Now the Confederacy counts 12 User Groups (included AIDB-the Italian Association of Patent Information Users) and more than 1.000 members throughout Europe.

Next 9th-11th September 2018, in Politecnico di Milano, Campus Bovisa, CEPIUG 10th Year Anniversary Conference will be hosted!

The Conference aims to be a moment to learn and discuss the current state and future of Patent Information experts in Europe.

A three days full programme including 6 main sessions, more than 40 speakers involved in presentations, panels and workshops, a fascinating story of the profession, an exposition of professional tools, a unique networking opportunity, an exciting search trial and a celebration party.

For further information, the Conference program and the participation fees, see the webpage of the CEPIUG website.

In collaboration with the experts of Questel and Politecnico di Milano-Technology Transfer Office, the Center of competence will present the following paper CO2 capture and storage technologies: an overview based on patent literature. Inspired by a current environmental issue, the paper aims to describe a patent strategy search able to get a consistent and exhaustive pool of documents for the addressed topic. Then retrieved records are used to perform a logistic regression analysis in order to estimate the maturity level of the emerging CO2 capture technologies.

During the Conference, on Tuesday 11th September, there will be a moment of cooperation with THEOREM-youTH intEllectual prOpeRty Education prograM project: experts from the Conference will participate the debate and testimonias session of the daily training event!