WIPO Green publishes the article Beating Plastics Pollution Through Global Cooperation and Innovationon the fight against plastic pollution. The article cites various studies and investigations on the current consumption of plastic material, the quantities of recycled plastic, the use of bio-plastics, and the reporting of future regulations.

In this framework, the contribution of the WIPO Green database is highlighted, the free access platform managed by WIPO which collects almost 130,000 ‘green technologies’ to facilitate the matching between users of technologies (seekers) for mitigation and fight against climate change and solutions developers (providers). Specifically, a basic search launched on the WIPO Green database allows us to identify more than 80 technologies on the topic of plastics recycling, 36 on the topic of separating plastics, and 26 within a collection dedicated to green plastics. Remember that the database provides original filters that are different from the most common ones. to support the selection of the set of documents satisfying the search and offers information on technologies (where available) typically not present in the most common patent databases.