At the beginning of March, the European Commission published in the form of recommendations two codes of practice for University-Industry co-creation and citizen involvement initiatives on the issues of knowledge valorization.

This is a set of indications to follow in the implementation of the initiatives mentioned (for example: creating an environment conducive to co-creation, and managing co-creation processes for subsequent valorization of the results).

These two publications fall within a broader framework of activities and guidelines published by the Commission on the topic of valorizing the knowledge generated by the various actors (businesses, universities/research bodies, companies, etc.) of the Union. The two codes are added to the following recently published:

Code of practice on the management of intellectual assets for the valorization of knowledge (March 2023);

Code of practice on standardization in the European Research Area (March 2023).

For the code of practice on the management of intellectual assets, the IPR Help Desk published an in-depth and clarification bulletin in December 2023.

In the context of the valorisation of knowledge, the European Union also promotes the Open Science approach and at the end of January 2024 the IPR Help Desk published an in-depth bulletin entitled ‘Open Science’ which summarizes the relationships between Open Science and IPR and the different concepts related to the topic of open science.