In concomitance with the United Nations Climate Change Conference, the EPO has released some documental resources with a focus on sustainability.

The first group of resources is a selection of some 60 smart patent information searches launched in Espacenet, addressing the theme of Clean Energy. It is further declined in three key areas: Energy supply, Solutions for carbon-intensive industries, and Enabling technologies, further divided into four or more topics, and then into specific technologies. 

The second group of resources is the publication of dedicated EPO webpages profiling the latest developments in Green Tech. They are presented into three areas of innovation: Renewable Energies, Energy Transition technologies, and Building a greener future.

For example, Renewable Energies gather the following groups of technologies Solar Energy, Hydropower and ocean energy, Wind energy, and Biofuel and for each of them, the Sustainable Development Goals-SDGs of the United Nations addressed are highlighted.

The ready-to-use search queries developed by EPO experts will help accelerate the transformation of patent information into patent knowledge by supporting researchers, entrepreneurs, and decision-makers in meeting climate goals set out in the Paris Agreement, UN Sustainable Development Goals, and European Green Deal. 

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